Clipse Team Up With Rick Ross, Because Apparently ‘I’m Good’ Wasn’t Good Enough


The airy “I’m Good,” the second single off Clipse’s upcoming ‘Till the Casket Drops, had loud-and-clear radio appeal — soft synths! A Pharrell chorus! General positivity! — when it was released in mid-summer, and still failed to make a splash. But Clipse didn't give up on it: they’ve reworked the song, adding brand-new verses plus a guest spot from beardo Rick Ross. We don’t know if that’s enough to get America buying, but we’re into it, thanks to Pusha’s impressive ability to always find funny, overly specific new ways to talk about cocaine (“Walked out the kitchen, face white as Taylor Swift’s”) and Ross’s ability to do the same, but about how rich he is (“never sit so it’s caviar carryout”). Watch the video, but be warned: Ross’s man-boobs nearly slide out of his muscle tee.