Curb Your Enthusiasm’s J.B. Smoove on Working With Michael Richards


The New York Times talked to J.B. Smoove after Sunday's best-of-the-season-so-far episode of Curb, which guest-starred Michael Richards (and the rest of the Seinfeld gang) and, with the help of Smoove as Larry David's housemate Leroy Leon Black, addressed Richards's stand-up slur scandal head-on. Here's an example of how great this interview is. J.B. Smoove on Michael Richards:

"Sometimes, when you get a girl pregnant, you blame the condom. His condom broke that night."

There's only one episode left in this season of Curb, and Smoove isn't sure if he's in it, but we hope so.

J.B. Smoove on Curb Your Enthusiasm and Michael Richards [ArtsBeat/NYT]