David Letterman Reacts to ‘Douche’ Trend Piece, Adds Sixteen of His Own Mentions to Running Tally


Over the weekend, the entertainment world was rocked to its very core after a New York Times investigation led to the stunning revelation that the word "douche" has been used 76 times during prime-time television broadcasts this fall alone. This breaking news piece led to some interesting discussions, some of which began with outcries about the devolving standards of the entertainment community, others of which focused on why it took television writers so long to incorporate that word into their scripts years after anyone with some semblance of a sense of humor stopped saying it. The latter was the focus of a particularly inspired rant by David Letterman last night, who in addition to saying the word another sixteen times himself, wondered aloud as to the genuine newsworthiness of the trend piece and whether or not the word "douche" is actually obscene. As he explains, "I think that when you combine the word 'douche' with its twin sister 'bag,' that I think is the problem." We couldn't agree more.

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