Even Jennifer Morrison Is Not Sure Whether She Left House Last Night


In the final scene of last night's episode of House M.D., Cameron, played by Jennifer Morrison, tearfully confessed to House that she used to love him, but she refuses to let him turn her into an amoral power-mad psychopath the way he did her husband, Chase, who earlier this season orchestrated the death of a patient who was a mass-murdering dictator (and doctors aren't supposed to do that). As tears streamed down her face, Cameron said "I loved you, and I loved Chase, but there's no way back for either of you," and then kissed House on the cheek and walked out the door in slow motion as he stood watching her leave. So, yeah, it seemed pretty final. But E! caught up with Jennifer Morrison last night at an event, and even she seemed confused about her future with the show.

"I'm still a series regular, technically. I really don't know. All I know is that I don't know. And they keep making it very clear to me that I don't know. I feel bad [because I wish] that I had an answer for people. But, uh, anything could happen I guess."

Well, that sucks. Maybe she'll whistle-blow on House and Chase and it'll be a whole big thing. Here's that dramatic last scene:

Jennifer Morrison Talks About Her Exit from House and if She'll Be Back
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