For Your Consideration: Can ‘Shahdaroba’ Please Be the New ‘Don’t Stop Believing’?


Easily among our top 500 favorite things about last night's awesome Mad Men finale was — spoiler! — the use of Roy Orbison's "Shahdaroba" over the episode's final images. Written by Cindy Walker and recorded by Orbison in 1963, the spooky track (see the lyrics here) served as both the perfect sendoff for Betty ("When a dream dies/ And the heart cries ... ") and a harbinger of better days in season four ("The future is much better than the past ... "). Also, it has a cool saxaphoned countermelody that keeps pulling it into Bond-theme territory. We realize that last night's Mad Men season-ender was nowhere near as important as 2007's Sopranos series finale, which concluded with a certain formerly great, similarly optimistic Journey track — but now that we're all sick of the overcovered, overplayed "Don't Stop Believing," we certainly wouldn't mind if "Shahdaroba" overtook it as television's go-to show-closer. Yes, we realize that this will never happen, but the only thing that could ruin this track for us today is the teacher from Glee turning it into a rap song. Listen again below!

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