Fox Finally Pulls the Plug on Dollhouse


Roughly three weeks ago, Fox scheduling chief Preston Beckman promised that Joss Whedon would get to complete filming all of the thirteen episodes of the second season of Dollhouse that the network had originally ordered. However, what that crafty devil never said was whether or not the network would actually AIR them! As expected, Fox just stuck a fork in the beleaguered Dollhouse, which we would label as a "cult fave" if there were actually enough viewers of the show to form a cult. The Hollywood Reporter's Neelie Andreeva reports that it is currently unclear when (or even if) the remaining episodes of the show's second season will air. Look on the bright side, though, people! Now Joss Whedon has enough time to work on buffing up his Terminator pitch. UPDATE: Fox is, for now, planning on airing the nine remaining episodes of the show. You can find the schedule over at Hitfix. (Hat tip to Vulture reader Pennywise!)

Fox cancels 'Dollhouse' [Live Feed/HR]