Fox Searchlight Halts National Rollout of Gentlemen Broncos


After experiencing great success with each of his first two feature films, it appears as if director Jared Hess has hit a bit of a stumbling block with his third picture, Gentlemen Broncos. The movie was generally savaged by reviewers upon its limited release in New York and L.A. last weekend — although New York's own David Edelstein did describe it as being "enchantingly freakish" — and the film only took in a meager tally of just $14,458. Well, it seems as if Fox Searchlight has come to the realization that they have a stinker on their hands and instead of throwing good money after bad, they have decided that the better approach is to cut their losses on the $10 million film. Earlier today, e-mails went out to critics in various markets all over the country stating that the film will not be expanding nationwide this weekend as originally planned. Vulture reached out to Fox Searchlight for comment, but our e-mails were not returned. Oh well, they can't all be Paranormal Activity, can they?

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