Friday Is Judgment Day for Spider-Man, the Musical


It might be time for the production team behind Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark, the much-troubled Spider-Man musical, to face facts. Tomorrow the producers will sit down with director Julie Taymor to make some tough calls. First, there are financial problems (to be fair: the musical is going to cost $45 million). Plus, the Hilton Theater has already been torn apart to accommodate the show, but the cast might not even be ready to open before the cut-off date for Tony nominations this year (April 29), so why even bother rushing, except that the producers would have to pay a huge fine to the theater for changing the dates. And nobody is even sure how Spider-Man is going to fly through the air over the stage.

In a pinch, dental floss and safety pins might get Spidey to fly, but honestly, there's probably not room in the budget.

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