Germans Don't Much Like Pete Doherty's Nazi Anthem


When Pete Doherty is doing what he does best (playing music), he's pretty easy to like. It's all the other times when the ex-Libertine and current Babyshamble gets himself into trouble. Like last weekend when Doherty was removed from the stage at the on3 festival in Munich after singing the first verse of the German national anthem. For those not well-schooled in the history of Germany's national anthem, that's a no-no. The lyrics are taboo because of their association with the Nazis and in an apology today Doherty said he plum didn't know that.

Pete "wanted to celebrate his appearance in Munich by assimilating and integrating with the crowd, something he tries to do wherever he goes," his spokesperson said. "He was unaware of the controversy surrounding the German national anthem and he deeply apologises if he has caused any offence. Peter himself is from Jewish descent and has fought against racism and fascism..."

Translation: He's not a racist, just a doofus.

Rocker Offends Germans with Nazi-Era Anthem [Der Spiegel]