Greenberg Trailer: Ben Stiller Gets Semi-Dramatic


At this point in his career, Ben Stiller is kind of an enigma. Just when you think all he's got left are Night at the Museums and Heartbreak Kids, he turns in a badass performance in Tropic Thunder. Now he's teaming up with Noah Baumbach in Greenberg and flipping the script once again with an indie flick about a middle-aged guy trying to find himself (yeah, another one). As the trailer shows, Stiller plays an aging Gen-Xer who still hasn't given up on that whole slacker thing. (Though he's building a dog house, which, to be fair, seems pretty difficult.) And Mumblecore vet Greta Gerwig (love interest), Rhys Ifans (buddy) and LCD Soundsystem (soundtrack) help Greenberg deal with his choice to "do nothing" in life. It's been a while since Stiller has tried his hand at semi-drama (The Royal Tenenbaums is probably the last to qualify) and he certainly doesn't look lost here. But don't look for him to take a full dramatic turn just yet; his next movie will complete the Meet the Parents trilogy.