Hollywood Wants to Know What’s Easier Than Merchandizing Films About Toys


There’s a new word being bounced around in Hollywood: toyetic. If a movie is really toyetic, then it will lend itself naturally to a family of toys and all sorts of subsequent profit-driven spinoffs. Transformers? Extremely toyetic. Notice that there has been a whole series of them. The Notebook? Not so toyetic. That’s why it was just a flash in the pan.

As often happens in Hollywood, the stratospheric success of projects such as "Transformers" has unleashed a stampede of producers looking for the next big toy. Projects in the works include movie versions of the games Monopoly and Battleship.

The fervor has allowed even the most uncinematic of playthings to get a shot at the silver screen. The Ohio Art Co., which owns Etch A Sketch, says it has received numerous calls from producers interested in acquiring the rights to make a stand-alone film based on the toy. The company has yet to sign a deal.

Oh, yes, the Etch A Sketch full-length feature. We hear the ending will leave you totally shaken.

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