Is Milhouse Van Houten of The Simpsons Actually Gay?


Anyone who considers themselves to be a pop-culture enthusiast has, at one point, spent some time speculating on the sexual orientation of fictional characters. For instance, who hasn't engaged in a lively debate as to whether Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie are really gay, or, for that matter, had their minds blown by Quentin Tarantino's hilarious theory in Sleep With Me that Top Gun is really about one man's struggle with his homosexuality? And now, faster than you can say Dumbledore, comes a theory from Movieline's Kyle Buchanan that Milhouse on The Simpsons just might be gay.

His main piece of evidence comes directly from the best source one could possibly know of, none other than Simpsons creator Matt Groening himself. At a party in Los Angeles last night for the Shepard Fairey Equality Project, Groening autographed a poster advocating gay marriage with a postscript that reads "Your fan, Matt Groening, Creator of Milhouse." Now, anyone who watches the show knows that Milhouse has long fancied Lisa Simpson, so perhaps there's a chance that he's actually bi? This assertion seems to be backed up by the site Wikisimpsons, who list Milhouse on their page of LBGT characters under the classification of "Being hinted at being Bisexual." Either way, this should make for a good Friday-afternoon conversation topic for you, the loyal Vulture readership. Do you agree? Do you have another interpretation of what Matt Groening might have meant with this inscription? And what about Martin Prince?

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