January Jones Berates Jimmy Fallon for Playing a Watered-Down Version of Beer Pong


Considering we only know her as Betty Draper, we can't be blamed for thinking that January Jones would be just as icy as her character on Mad Men. However, on last night's Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, she attempted to show that, beneath her Grace Kelly–esque exterior, she's actually a regular girl at heart. She engaged Fallon in a healthy round of trash talk before, during, and after the two squared off in a round of beer pong ("Ivanka Trump beat you?"), mainly berating him for playing a watered-down version of the "sport" (used in the loosest definition possible, obviously). Apparently where she comes from, people employ paddles and try to hit ping-pong balls into cups of beer (as opposed to simply throwing them). So, how did she fare versus Fallon? You'll have to watch to find out!

January Jones, beer-pong: These are a few of my favorite things [PopWatch/EW]