Kanye West and Jordan Catalano Overemote Together


Back in April, Kanye West posted a photo of himself with Jared Leto and Brandon Flowers in the studio “WORKING ON THIS DOPE-ASS SONG,” and the world held its breath. Today, the world exhales: 30 Seconds to Mars’s "Hurricane," featuring a verse and backup vocals from Kanye and (if the initial report is accurate) keyboard work from Mr. Flowers, is here. If you wished 808s & Heartbreak had just one more song, get psyched: "Hurricane" is histrionic and dirgelike, and actually contains the phrases “Tell me, would you kill to save a life?” and “Where is your God?” If up until now you’ve purposely avoided listening to 30 Seconds to Mars, this song will validate that decision.

: A spokesperson for Brandon Flowers has wisely informed us that the Killers front man is not playing on this track, nor anywhere on the 30 Seconds to Mars album.