Kristen Stewart Is Now Just a Great Talk-Show Guest


Just the other day, we were marveling at Kristen Stewart's improvement as a talk-show guest after she went on Conan and didn't come across as snobby, "too cool," disinterested, indifferent, or unaware that she was on television and therefore expected to entertain people, like she was on her Twilight tour last year. Now she's gone and gotten even better at the talk-show game. Maybe because it was her last New Moon promotional stop before what even haters can agree is a well-deserved vacation, but Kristen was totally great on Jimmy Fallon last night. They spent like five minutes talking about how weird it was that Martha Stewart told Kristen about her Robert Pattinson dream, for example. That is weird! And then they chatted like besties about the legend of Bon Iver. Anyway, Kristen's transformation seems complete. Good for her. Maybe last year's awkwardness was just all David Letterman's fault for being mean to her, that mean ol’ dirty old man!