Leno Ratings Slide Evens Out


All hope may not be lost for the great Jay Leno experiment. Since the start of September The Jay Leno Show has experienced a pretty steady ratings decline, but in the 11 episodes leading up to this weekend the decline stopped. In fact, those episodes have each either maintained or improved on their adult demographic compared to the previous week.

What does it all mean? Has Leno figured out how to draw a bigger crowd or has the audience leveled out with the same repeat watchers? A little bit of both, probably. He has benefited both from good gets (two weeks ago actors from New Moon appeared on two separate nights, turning the week into his best since mid-October) and the end of premiere season, when TV watchers pick the shows they will stick with. Not that this is really news to celebrate. Even though the slide has slowed, the actual ratings remain bad (hovering around 1.5). But as long as Leno can stick around until next June he's in for another good week; that's when The Twilight Saga: Eclipse comes out.

Hope for Jay? 'Leno Show' halts ratings slide
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