Matthew Weiner Gives Hints About Tomorrow's Mad Men Season Finale


In a TV Guide interview, posted last night, creator Matthew Weiner mostly talks about his decision not to skip over JFK's assassination on his show (it would be "cowardly" and "a lie"), but the kind of rabid fan who's planning to host or attend a finale party tomorrow night will focus on the last bit, where in refusing to say much about the finale, he maybe says a lot (or maybe not):

"And so, the show heads toward its third-season finale with a new question: Is this finally the end of the Draper marriage? Weiner, notoriously tight-lipped, would say only that the finale episode is representative of the season's theme.

"I said at the beginning that it was about change, and things did change in the '60s," Weiner says. "But from the beginning of the series, I wanted there to be stakes to the fact that [Don] behaved the way he [did]. That's what you're seeing enacted right now: the irony of the fact that he came clean to Betty and his worst fear was that she wouldn't love him anymore. And there you are."

And here we are: something's going to change!

Exclusive: Mad Men Creator Discusses the Kennedy Assassination [TV Guide]