Miley Cyrus Confesses That Her Professed Adoration for Jay-Z’s Songs Is a Sham


While we tried with all our might to stick to our (rapidly dwindling) principles of musical appreciation, we are somewhat loathe to admit that we finally lost the internal battle we were having with ourselves over whether to admit that we like "Party in the USA," the latest smash hit single from Miley Cyrus. We've always been suckers for catchy pop songs and, well, this song definitely fits that bill. And since the track features a line in which the Nashville pop princess turns her frown upside down after hearing a Jay-Z song come on the radio, we figured that the song couldn't be all bad. Well, it turns out the joke's on us: In a recent interview, Miley claims she's not even a Hova fan! "I picked that song 'cause I needed something to go with my clothing line, I didn’t write it," she tells some creepy guy that interviewed her backstage before a concert. "I've never even heard a Jay-Z song." Blasphemy!

If you're easily bored, skip ahead to 2:50 in this interview:

Miley Cyrus Has “Never Heard a Jay-Z Song” [Best Week Ever]