Miss South Carolina Teen 2007: Jimmy Kimmel Correspondent


Friday night, Jimmy Kimmel got Elisabeth Hasselbeck clone Caitlin Upton — who became famous on the Internet for a botched pageant geography question and brought the term "such as" into parlance as a meaningless conversational placeholder — to actually go out and ask people where babies come from. While Caitlin's funniest lines ("You touch vaginas?") were probably written by Kimmel's writers, you have to hand it to the girl for keeping a straight face. And for making fun of herself, though we suppose that making fun of oneself in the service of getting or remaining famous isn't really praiseworthy anymore. Either way, Caitlin Upton is, like, a really self-aware comic genius compared to Carrie Prejean, so we'll take her! Even if she doesn't know the difference between a penis and "the testicle."

Part One: Slurpees

Part Two: Caitlin Meets the Octomom

(Via Jezebel)