Modern Family's Julie Bowen Escalates Co-star Feud


Julie Bowen, the pretty blonde lady from the hit ABC show Modern Family, went on Chelsea Lately this week, where, after telling Chelsea how to make "hillbilly heroin" out of OxyContin and one's nasal passages, she said some things about her co-star Sofia Vergara (the pretty Columbian lady who made that rape joke on The View the other day) that were, well, kind of seriously mean-spirited sounding? Like, in response to Vergara forgetting her name when she was on Chelsea's show recently, Bowen says “I have never had the chance to fly Sofia private and give her jewelry, so my name has no resonance for her.” Eek! We'll let you be the judge, but there are basically two scenarios here: Either Julie Bowen hates Sofia Vergara with a burning hot passion and isn't afraid to show it on national television, or Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara are such good pals with such great mutual senses of humor that they can pretend to have a feud. Julie Bowen would be the one in trouble here, and she seems pretty fun, so let's all hope it's the latter.