Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara Makes a Shocking Joke on The View


Sofia Vergara, who plays Ed O'Neill's hot, Colombian trophy wife on ABC's new hit show Modern Family, was on The View this morning. The ladies were asking her about her 18-year-old son, and everything was going smoothly as Vergara joked that her son is the reason she can't lie about her age. Then, something very bad happened: While joking around imagining a scenario in which she could still lie about her age while having an 18-year-old son, Vergara said "I was 13. I was raped." It's the kind of joke that would be just fine if she said it to her real friends at a real kitchen table and not on TV, and any outcry against Vergara is totally lame, but we just love Whoopi's exaggerated coughing reaction. And the way the ladies try to move on from the catastrophe.

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