NBC/Universal Continues to Sully the Inside the Actors Studio Brand in the Name of Synergy


We don't have any vested interest in stirring up a tempest in a teapot over the news that Bon Jovi is set to appear on the season premiere of Inside the Actors Studio because, frankly, it's common knowledge that the show has been whoring itself out to inferior B- and C-list talent for many, many moons now. In other words, the show no longer has any cred left to destroy. But that said, when we saw the news that the ENTIRE BAND was going to be featured on the program — as opposed to focusing solely on marginal film and television actor Jon Bon Jovi — we figured something semi-insidious was afoot. And then we remembered the news of Bon Jovi's "Artist In Residence" deal with NBC/Universal that was announced last month, and it all began making sense to us. Much like the network's casual dismissal of dramatic programming aimed at adults in the 10 p.m. hour in order to make way for the Chin, we can only see two reasons that Bravo and their parent company still keep James Lipton's program on the air: It must be a healthy profit generator and, clearly, Lipton doesn't give a shit that they use his formerly prestigious baby as a means to cater to the egos of sorta-popular celebrities with marginal to horrible acting chops. So, if Bernard Pivot promptly keels over moments after James Lipton asks Tico Torres what his favorite curse word is, you should point the finger of blame at Jeff Zucker.