No Distance Left to Run Trailer: Blur Reunion, the Movie


When Blur announced that their heartwarming and by all accounts awesome reunion was over, we didn’t quite believe it — they didn’t even play New York! Seriously, when was the last time a reunited act didn’t squeeze every last dollar out of the fanfare and goodwill generated by its absence? (We’re looking at you, Pixies.) Of course, the brevity of Blur’s get-together makes it that much greater: It now comes off like four guys who really missed playing music together, not four guys who were really behind on their yacht payments. (They did score impressively low on Vulture’s Band Reunion Hate-o-Meter.) Which means we’d be excited to check out their reunion doc, No Distance Left to Run, even if the trailer didn’t look fucking great. But it does! There are awesomely dramatic quotes (Graham Coxon: “The idea of bumping into any of them was terrifying”), gorgeous live shots (most notably, Albarn leaping off a big-ass stage barrier and the gang walking backstage in Reservoir Dogs–style slo-mo), and loads of hugs. It’s out in January. Also, there’s a new Gorillaz album to look forward to, which features Lou Reed, Snoop Dogg, Bobby Womack, Barry Gibb, and Mos Def. Which leaves us with only one question: Seriously, guys, not even one New York date?