Nobody Pulled a Muscle Working on the New Britney Spears iPhone App


All weekend long, people who follow Britney on Twitter but don't remember why (along with her real hard-core Twitter fans) have been bombarded by tweets about the pop princess's new iPhone app, which was finally released this morning, OMG! Here are a few things it does:

1. Makes your phone say "It's Britney, bitch!" when you shake it.
2. "Be Britney's Dancer": Upload a photo of yourself and the app will awkwardly place your face over the face of one of Britney's dancers.
3. You will have access to special messages, news, and new photos of Britney — like a whole two minutes before the rest of the Internet does.
4. Something called "the Sparkler" that you hold up at Britney's concerts and it does something.

All for just $1.99! After the jump, Britney's official announcement on YouTube, which must have taken a really long time.