Daughters of Lil Wayne and T.I. Form Adorable New Teen-Pop Group


Hey, this is adorable. New teen-pop group OMG Girlz features not one, but two offspring of current hip-hop megastars: Lil Wayne's daughter Reginae, a.k.a. Baby Carter, and T.I.'s daughter Zonnique, a.k.a. Star (there are also two other members unrelated to famous rappers, Beauty and Lolo). T.I.’s fiancée (and Star’s mother) Tiny is managing them, and they’ve already played shows and recorded a single, “Ain’t Nobody” (available in snippet form here), that we totally don't hate. It's a classic kiss-off, draped over a beat that's almost certainly a Paper Trail outtake, and features some serious knowledge-dropping from Baby Carter ("Don't get it twisted, boo / I'm way too cute for you”); it's definitely the best teen-nepotism-pop song we’ve heard so far this morning. Also heartwarming: Wayne has promised to collaborate on a song with them before he goes to prison next year.

T.I.'s And Lil Wayne's Daughters Start Group, OMG Girlz