R. Kelly Wants to Get You Pregnant


This summer, R. Kelly described the creative process for his new album, Untitled (out December 1), like this: "For three months straight, I threw a party at my house every weekend. … Like 200 girls come over … Then I'd play the music and see how they would react … If they didn’t feel it, I’d go back downstairs and rework it." While we don't doubt that this is exactly what happened, we do have a question: At what point in the evening did his new single, "Pregnant," spin? A half-finished version of the track has been bouncing around for a while, but the official one is now here, with verses from fellow R&B heavyweights The-Dream and Robin Thicke (we don't know who invited Tyrese, though). As usual, Kellz doesn't play: As the song's chorus makes clear, he is so thoroughly impressed with your charms and booty that he'd happily give up a life of philandering to get you pregnant. We bet he played this near the end of those parties, then.

Listen to "Pregnant" at YouHeardThatNew.com.