Reality Television Claims Another Life As Wipeout Contestant Dies


What has already been a pretty terrible year for reality television just got worse. And this time, we can't point the finger of blame at Viacom's lackluster candidate-vetting process. As the Wrap reports, a 33-year-old contestant on the third season of ABC's Wipeout passed away after making a run through the show's treacherous obstacle course. Tom Sparks, 33, began complaining of knee pain and shortness of breath while on the set and, shortly thereafter, was rushed to a local hospital, where he then suffered a stroke that put a premature end to his life. While it's not entirely clear what events occurred to cause Sparks to have a stroke, sources close to Sparks reveal that he did suffer from from antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (APS), a disease that causes unnatural clotting of the blood. It is unclear at this time whether he revealed this condition to producers before competing on this show, and it also remains to be seen whether his family will be taking legal action against either ABC or Endemol Productions. Be safe out there, people.

Exclusive: 'Wipeout' -- Another Reality-Show Death [The Wrap]