Roland Emmerich Breaks the First Rule of Promoting an Apocalypse Movie


Namely, do not announce a follow-up a week before the movie hits theaters. Though he would presumably still like people to come see next Friday's John Cusack–starring doomsday comedy, 2012 — whose primary selling point (besides an eardrum-exploding Adam Lambert single) is its implicit promise to raze the planet, killing every last man, woman, and child in spectacular fashion — director Roland Emmerich told EW yesterday that he's developing a TV drama titled 2013, which would pick up where 2012 leaves off and focus on groups of apocalypse survivors resettling Earth. Even worse than the thought of still-alive humans at the end of 2012 is that 2013 would be produced by Mark Gordon (Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice), meaning said survivors would likely be unkillable even with brain tumors. A two-hour hole in our schedule for next weekend just opened up.

TV version of Roland Emmerich's '2012' in the works [Hollywood Insider/EW]