Ryan Seacrest to Take From the Unfamous, Give to the Slightly More Unfamous


You've seen reality-show stars debase themselves on television by eating insects, feigning an attraction to Flava Flav, and being related to Gene Simmons. But are you ready to see them demand cash from the personal bank accounts of non-stars like Candy Spelling, poker star Vanessa Rousso, modeling-agency president Sean Patterson, and the Pussycat Dolls' Melody Thornton? Ryan Seacrest would like to give you that opportunity! On E!'s upcoming Seacrest-produced Bank of Hollywood, the aforementioned "celebrity panel" will dole out "their own money" to regular cash-strapped people, though even Tori Spelling is above Candy's charity these days. We certainly hope Seacrest is bringing better ideas than this to Electus. [Live Feed/HR]