The Real Trailer for Robert Pattinson’s Next Movie, Remember Me


So it seems that for months now, Twilight fans have been making their own "trailers" for Robert Pattinson's next movie, Remember Me, using paparazzi shots taken of the movie being filmed on the streets of New York. And scenes from other movies in which things happen that are described as happening in the Remember Me script. That's been a thing, apparently, that more than one person has even thought of, and from our research, making fake trailers seems to be a huge part of being a Twilight fan in general. The more you know! Anyway, the actual official Remember Me trailer hit the Internet this afternoon, which makes sense, since it had to be ready in time to be shown before tonight's New Moon opening. Anyway, in it, a Gandhi-quoting Robert Pattinson and his girlfriend, played by Emilie de Ravin, have daddy issues with their daddies, Pierce Brosnan and Chris Cooper, respectively. March 2010, Twihards!