Trailer for The Last Song Features a Nearly Mute Miley Cyrus


Uh-oh. The trailer for The Last Song, based on an upcoming Nicholas Sparks book and starring Miley Cyrus and Greg Kinnear as a sullen teen and her divorced dad re-connecting at the beach, is pretty par for the course, Nicholas Sparks–movie wise, except for one thing: Miley has almost no speaking role in the trailer. All the other actors get to talk, and Miley's in almost every scene, but as this hollow-looking, slack-jawed, silent piece of scenery. If we didn't already know whether or not Miley could act from her past TV and movie work, we'd say the choice not to use any of her actual acting in the trailer was a foreboding sign that her contribution to this movie had more to do with star power and singing than acting. Maybe she's just really bad in this movie, or maybe most of her lines are spoiler-y. Since this is a Nicholas Sparks movie, though, we're just dying to know who's gonna die in the end.