30 Rock: Teenage Grandpa?

30 Rock
Episode Title
Dealbreakers Talk Show No. 0001

“I have an actress problem.” “Don’t try to move the body yourself.” Is this why we continue to watch 30 Rock — cleverly recycled dead-hooker jokes? We certainly didn’t tune in last night for the labored getting-your-hair-did gag, which could not have been saved even by the wonderful Sherri Shepherd (who plays Tracy Jordan’s wife). Way to get your African-American humor on, 30 Rock! (“Yakoff’s Nubian Bling Explosion” — now there’s a black joke for white people. We laughed immoderately.)

Does it speak to the state of the show that the self-referential, young-urban-professional jokes hardly get us, but the wacky, Liz Lemon–pantomining-basketball-spinning stuff does? (See the truly hilarious video below.) Or are we just backlashing on the self-referential, young urban — white urban, not code-for-black “urban” — professional humor? Maybe we’re just in a permanently heightened state of meta, as instilled by 30 Rock itself. It’s probably better if you just tell us your candidates for an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and a Tony. Or your favorite chuckle lines (dibs on “off-brand eye surgery”). Okay ... go!