44 Inch Chest Is a Veritable Sexy Beast Reunion


At the turn of the century, a highly stylized British gangster flick called Sexy Beast snuck into theaters with very little advance fanfare, save for a handful of raves (and an eventual Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination) for Ben Kingsley. It didn't perform too well during its initial box-office run, earning only $10 million worldwide, but gained a second life on DVD and eventually earned itself cult-movie status. Well, fans of that pic will be delighted to learn that two of the leads in Sexy Beast, Ray Winstone and Ian McShane, have re-teamed with that film's writers for another gangster-type movie, 44 Inch Chest. Only this time around, instead of getting a crew together to rob a bank, a group of ne'er-do-wells (which also includes stalwart British actors Tom Wilkinson and John Hurt) kidnap a man that Winstone suspects has been stepping out on his wife and determine how exactly to punish him. We'll certainly miss Jonathan Glazer's assured directorial vision, but this film looks like it will kick off the cinematic year of 2010 in fine fashion.

Watch This: 44 Inch Chest Official Trailer with Ray Winstone [First Showing]