Alec Baldwin Gives $1 Million Donation to NYU Students Willing to Accept Constructive Criticism


Perhaps as a way to make amends for disappointing a nation of millions when he revealed that he had nothing to do with his daughter's birthday cake that was shaped like Lil Wayne, it was announced today that proud 1994 (!) Tisch School alum Alec Baldwin will be donating $1 million to New York University to establish the Alec Baldwin Drama Scholarship Fund. In a statement, the university explained that the prize will be awarded to students who demonstrate "work ethic, development of leadership skills, willingness to collaborate, the ability to tolerate risk, and the capacity to work with constructive criticism." It's that last part — "the capacity to work with constructive criticism" — that cracks us up the most. We can only hope that this means that Baldwin will leave regular, encouraging voice mails for scholarship recipients.

Alec Baldwin donates $1 million to alma mater Tisch [News Briefs/EW]