Alyssa Milano Continues Her Riveting One-Woman Campaign Against Jersey Shore


Alyssa Milano first went public with her disdain for the Jersey Shore phenomenon last week after seeing a trailer for the show on YouTube. However, her derisive slam — "It upset me. I was like, 'Turn that off!'," she told an Us magazine reporter — apparently did not resonate in the manner that she, a proud Italian-American, was hoping. So, Milano, the iconic star of Embrace of the Vampire, took her case to the popular viral-video factory for humor-challenged celebrities, Funny or Die. Her idea was a stroke of genius: She would parody the famous Dove "Evolution" ads, only this time, instead of using photo trickery to turn a marginally good-looking woman into a supermodel, she would do the exact opposite! She would use Photoshop not to make herself look better, mind you, but rather to make herself look shorter, plumper, and hairier. You know, exactly how she views our beloved Shnickers Snooki. It's moments like these when we sit back and count our blessings that celebrity crusaders like Alyssa Milano not only walk among us, but also care enough to try to make a difference.