Amazon Also Confused by All Those Rebirth Delays


Okay, we know we just did a Lil Wayne post, but bear with us — the guy’s got a lot going on today! He was in a New York City court room this morning, where he was given a sentencing date of February 9 for the charge of attempted criminal possession. (What, “attempted” isn’t gully enough for you? Okay, how about this: He’s also on the hook for drug possession in Arizona because his tour bus was found with 105 grams of marijuana, 29 grams of cocaine, 41 grams of ecstasy — and a gun.) That means he’ll be starting his yearlong prison term just a week or so after the release of Rebirth, now set for February 1. But — SEGUE — we may not have to wait until then to hear it. According to Billboard, the album’s constant delays so confused Amazon that they totally screwed up and sent 500 preordered copies out this week (one of Rebirth’s many announced release dates was today). Surely one of those 500 lucky customers knows how to use the Internet? [AP, Billboard]