New Sony Movie Leaked by Sony


Say what you will about the year that was, but when it came to amusing, high-profile leaks born out of general incompetency, 2009 did not disappoint. The biggest of all came in April, when Fox was unable to keep a DVD screener of their blockbuster X-Men Origins: Wolverine from leaking a month before its release date (impressively, it made a boatload of money anyways). Earlier this month we saw Amazon get so flustered by the many push backs for Lil Wayne’s Rebirth that they accidentally sent out copies a month and a half early. (Thanks, Amazon!) Then, just yesterday, Armored joined the club. For about five hours, the movie — a Matt Dillon armored-truck drama, released by Sony Pictures on December 4 and still very much in theaters — was accidentally, inexplicably made available for free in the Sony PlayStation Store, where it could be easily downloaded to PSPs and PS3s. Whoops! And so we close out the year on a high note for amusing leaks, and some comfort for Rebirth and Wolverine: Hey, at least you weren’t leaked by your own companies.

Break into the PlayStation Store, get Armored for free [Joystiq via /Film]