The Avatar Video Game: Bad on Purpose?


It's here! Avatar's massively anticipated video-game spinoff finally arrived in stores this week and the reviews are in! How is it? Not so good! "The animations are stiff and awkward. The camera, particularly in the melee combat, is unsteady enough to be disorienting and perhaps even nauseating," raves IGN. Also: "Avatar wears thin quickly, and the story is too fragile to compensate for the deficiencies," says Gamespot. How could this have happened? Sure, all movie-inspired video games are awful — but James Cameron himself was reportedly overseeing this project to ensure that it would be just as game-changing as the film. We have a theory! What if it had been good? Then, we suppose, a bunch of bloggers (including us, for sure) would've obnoxiously pointed out that these brand-new movie clips released by Fox today don't look any better than a video game. But now to say so would be technically incorrect. Nicely done, Cameron.