Blogger: MacGruber Best SNL Movie Since Wayne's World


A lucky blogger over at The Vertex was recently blessed with a Christmas miracle: he got to attend a test screening of MacGruber, the movie. He began a skeptic — after all, movies based on SNL sketches don't exactly have a sterling reputation (perhaps you saw It's Pat) — but he left a believer.

You might not believe me when I tell you this, but there’s no doubt: 'MacGruber' was amazing.

Amir Bednarsh goes on to explain the plot of MacGruber (retired action hero is approached by the government to fight a villain named Cunth) and praise the writing ("smart, quick, and witty, albeit sometimes asinine"). The review concludes by putting MacGruber in legendary company: "MacGruber is the best SNL film since Wayne’s World." We're not worthy.

Movie Review: MacGruber [The Vertex via Slashfilm]