Britney Spears Presents "The Year in B.S."


It's not easy being Britney, for so many reasons. One is all the false news stories regularly written about the three-way-loving mother of two, and the public's eagerness to consume them. In an effort to shame those who make up stories about Britney, her website has posted the stories it believes to be the "most ridiculous," including those that are "factually inaccurate ... patently absurd, or... offensive to the sensibilities."

Among the winners are bits about Brit's meltdown in Australia, her purchase of a soul-food restaurant for her father, and her passion for gardening. Also, that story in the U.K.'s Daily Star about how her fans were buying up squirrel, rabbit, and possum meat to experience "a taste of her trailer park childhood" is apparently not true.

The Year in BS [ via MTV News]