Brooklyn’s Finest Trailer: Mean Streets


Corrupt-cop drama Brooklyn’s Finest has a lot going for it: a name cast (Richard Gere, Don Cheadle, Ethan Hawke, Ellen Barkin, Wesley Snipes); solid Sundance buzz; the possibility of director Antoine Fuqua's return to form following a few stinkers; and the heartwarming tale of its screenwriter, former subway worker Michael C. Martin. Now it’s got a new trailer, too, in which we meet the three cops — Cheadle’s hesitant undercover, Hawke’s scummy family man, and Gere’s apathetic near-retiree — whose stories interweave. The clip hits a lot of familiar notes (“one cop ... just trying to get by”; “these streets got an expiration date on ‘em,” etc.), but doesn’t give away any huge plot points. Does that mean Finest is more interestingly complicated than can be summed up in two-and-a-half minutes? Hopefully! (By the way, they use “Run This Town” in the trailer, which means they should know enough to throw the original “Brooklyn’s Finest” into the movie somewhere.)