Chris Brown Breaks Up With Twitter


It was a bad weekend for one Christopher Maurice Brown and things didn't get any better today. It all started when the 20-year-old singer made a trip to Walmart in Connecticut and noticed that his album Graffiti wasn't in stock. So, like any rational adult, he took to Twitter, writing, "the[y] didnt even have my album in the back… not on shelves, saw for myself"; and "im tired of this s—. major stores r blackballing my cd. not stocking the shelves and lying to costumers. what the f— do i gotta do."; Clearly Brown was upset, but he made no apologies, writing "i aint retracting s—." And then today, after Walmart released a statement saying that Brown is wrong on all counts, he deleted his Twitter account, proving that for all his faults, he knows when to shut up.

Chris Brown Exits Stage Twitter
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