Tune in Tonight to Judge Luc Bondy’s Tosca for Yourself


Opera controversies seem to take place in a blacked-out snow globe: So far, only those who actually saw Luc Bondy’s production of Tosca live at the Metropolitan Opera got to be outraged — or to be outraged at the outrage. Everyone else had to make what they could of the descriptions of Scarpia getting physical with a statue of the Virgin Mary, and other tasteful stage business. Fortunately, there’s PBS. The show has closed for the season, but the Met’s high-gloss video version of Tosca airs on WNET/Thirteen tonight. It’s not as much fun to boo in private, and you don’t get to shush the booers, either, but at least now viewers at home can vote with their remotes on the most divisive operatic production in years.