Death at a Funeral Remake Trailer: Chris Rock Liked the Original Just As Much As You Did


Chris Rock was such a fan of the 2007 Frank Oz–directed British black comedy Death at a Funeral — about the wacky mishaps suffered by a family mourning its patriarch — that he bought the rights and, evidently, hired Neil LaBute to speedily remake the thing to the original's exact specifications. Instead of a bunch of English people, it now stars Rock, Martin Lawrence, Tracy Morgan, and Zoe Saldaña — but returning are the great Peter Dinklage, as a dwarf whose Trapped in the Closet–style confession rocks the funeral, and most of the same jokes. One unforgivable switch is James Marsden's filling in for Alan Tudyk, as a straitlaced boyfriend who accidentally ingests a hallucinogenic drug and winds up naked on the roof. Isn't that the sort of thing you hire Tracy Morgan for?