Red-Carpet Look Book: Diane Kruger


Perhaps owing to her awesome posture or her confidence-dripping poise or, you know, her stunning good looks, Kruger can wear pretty much anything. A bowtie and suspenders? Sure! A tweed dress that evokes Little Bo Peep? No problem! A harem-panted jumpsuit? Done! Even when the clothes themselves don't look good, they look good on Kruger. And when the clothes themselves do look good, she is a force to be reckoned with. In long, sweeping white dresses, Kruger evokes a goddess. In peplum minidresses, she's a fashion-savvy scenester. Or, with a sweep of red lipstick and her hair in constructed waves, she's a classic screen siren. And even if you become bored with her maddening beauty, her choice in shoes — which range from dangerously awesome platforms to questionable booties — keeps things interesting.