Did Tobey Maguire Buy His Golden Globe Nomination for Brothers?


One of the biggest jaw-droppers that came out of yesterday's Golden Globe nominations was Tobey Maguire's surprise nod in the Best Actor category for his work in Brothers. It's not as if his performance in the film has gone entirely unnoticed — New York's own David Edelstein wrote that his work "manages to suggest something of Robert De Niro when he was young and thin and wired" — but more that his name hasn't really been bandied about in any of the Best Actor conversations up to this point. So then, how exactly did Maguire suddenly spring himself into the race? Well, someone who had an axe to grind with Tobey e-mailed Nikki Finke yesterday and suggested that Leo DiCaprio giving Blu-ray players to some 40 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association may have had something to do with it.

Before running with the story, Vulture buddy Finke put in some calls of her own as a means of getting to the bottom of this potentially scandalous story. Her reporting suggests that while DiCaprio did indeed throw a party in honor of his old friend Maguire, only fifteen members of the HFPA were in attendance, not forty. Also, while these fifteen members of the press did initially take a Blu-ray player as part of the swag bag that DiCaprio gave out at the end of the evening, someone ratted them out, and they were all forced to return the bribes gifts. So, scandal averted ... for now.