Don Draper Revealed as Single Man’s Bearer of Bad News


When we received that fateful phone call this afternoon (from the place where we'd ordered lunch), to inform us that several of the ingredients necessary to make our sandwich were not available, we were demolished — but oh, how much softer that blow might've been if they'd had Don Draper call us instead of that guy who makes the sandwiches. A kindly screener-having person has posted to YouTube the scene from Tom Ford's A Single Man in which Colin Firth receives — spoiler! — a piece of miserable-making news from a guy who sounds just like Jon Hamm. (It is, in fact, Jon Hamm, but his voice cameo in the movie is uncredited because his agent — with whom he didn't bother to check before he recorded it — doesn't want him doing voice work for some reason.) At the Awl today, contributing Vulture Dan Kois says it took him out of the film ("It's an uninterrupted shot, and we should be concentrating on Firth's powerful reaction, but instead we are distracted because it is DON DRAPER ON THE PHONE"), but were we Firth's George Falconer, we could probably think of worse ways to find out our lover had died. Like from a deli guy, for example.

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