Eminem and Lil Wayne Team Up for the First Time Ever


There’s a leaked song from Lil Wayne’s comically delayed Rebirth that we actually like! Considering the sessions it’s coming out of, “Drop the World” is surprisingly free of Auto-Tune; even more notably, it’s got Eminem on it. These guys shared the spotlight on “Forever,” but this is the first time they’ve split a track just between the two of them. Wayne knows better than to waste the occasion singing, and his unleashed chorus-work — “so I pick the world up and I’m gon’ drop it on your f****** head” — is throwback stellar. Ironically, Eminem does chime in with a few sung bars right before his verse starts, and sounds totally un-atrocious doing so. Now: Who has the best verse? Wayne settles into a comfortable groove, mostly to make the explosive chorus sound that much bigger when it hits. Em goes hard right away, doing his tricky, show-off-y double-time flow, but, once you break it down, there’s not much clever stuff there. We’ll still give props to Eminem, if only for that part where he talks about sodomizing the music industry.