Facebook and Twitter’s Top Trends of the Year Include Chuck Norris, Obviously


Mashable.com has pointed our attention toward Facebook and Twitter’s top trends of 2009, and we’ve learned some things about ourselves. Amid the Facebook community, Lady Gaga was the only pop-culture individual to crack the top fifteen, although both “celebrity deaths” and “movies” are present, and all three beat out “religion.” (Also on the list is “yard” and “years,” plus “facebook applications” is No. 1, so take this for what you will.) Among the Twitter people, "Glee," "Michael Jackson," and "Adam Lambert" predictably all make appearances within the various categories; more surprisingly, the now-canceled Dollhouse does, too, suggesting a lot of broken-hearted Twitterers out there. Best of all, Chuck Norris pops up, beating out A-Rod, Christian Bale, and Tiger Woods, and proving, once again, that Chuck Norris is forever. [Mashable.com]