Red-Carpet Look Book: Gabourey Sidibe


Judging from her early appearances this past winter and spring, when her personal style included Blair Waldorf headbands and denim capris, it would seem that Gabourey Sidibe's rising star has gained her entry into the happy world of professional styling — and to good effect. In the past few months, she’s navigated the challenges of plus-size formalwear with versatility. Knee-length dresses draw attention to her legs, brightly colored gowns come off as body-confident and assertive, and classic black dresses of varying lengths lend her some maturity while accentuating the right curves. For more casual events, Sidibe will throw on a sparkly shirt with a nice bolero, reminding us that despite her gut-wrenching performance, she's still a young and fun personality. Her confidence and sense of fashion adventure suggests that, though she may not bear the stick-thin figure of most starlets, she's still worthy of starlet-level attention.